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Wishing you the warmest personal greetings from all of us at Agate Stone Export. Agate Stone Export the wholesale Agate Stone Manufacturer, Reiki Chakra Sets, Metaphysical and New Age Stores, Orgonite Crystal Exporters, Orgone Pyramids, and Healing Crystals.

For over 200 years, Agate Stone has remained one of the most trusted names in Agates & Crystals in Khambhat India. We have a long tradition of healing stone, Agate Stone had a desire and vision to create a healing stones trading company built on honesty, integrity, quality and personal service. Today, we are still very proud to honor our vision and tradition of excellence. Agate Stone is Khambhat’s only 4th generation family-owned and operated business. We are committed to providing superior value and service to our customers.

At Agate Stone Export, natural agate is much more than our profession – it is our passion. From our knowledgeable personal service, to our outstanding selection of natural agate.


                                               Welcome to the magical, beautiful, world of crystals. Whether you are a master healer, accomplished Lightworker, or just fascinated with crystals — Greetings! Agate Stone Export offers you a storehouse of beauty and knowledge. The Agate Stone Export is your definitive and (at least we think so,) finest source for crystals on the web.


Are you awestruck by the crystalline perfection and pure rich colors of Nature’s durable art? Do you seek to understand the power and energies of crystals and their abilities of crystals to improve your life?


Or maybe are you just looking for well described, clearly photographed and fairly priced crystals? Check out our Google PlusInstagram, TumblrPinterest, LinkedinFacebook,  Agate Stone Export Blogs, Twitter feed and read on – we are here for you.


Visit us often at Agate Stone Export. Learn the secrets of crystal power. FInd the crystals that can enhance your well being, guard and guide you, and facilitate your journey to success and happiness.


We always have something new for you to see and learn.


Whether it’s Agate Stone, healing crystals, Reiki Chakra, Metaphysical Products, New Age Products, Orgone Products, divination aids, meditation crystals, Wholesale crystals to honor goddesses or angels, feng shui crystals or amazing pendants, earrings, or other natural crystal creations, you have come to the right place.


If you are looking for well-described, well-photographed crystals at fair prices, you have found what you are seeking.  If you are looking for some people that truly understand the power and energy of the crystal world, you have found us, Agate Stone Export.


From Agate Stone Export,

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