We are the leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Agate Stone, Metaphysical New Age and Reiki Chakra Products. We offer High Grade Quality Products and we undertake 100% guarantee of our gemstones being genuine. Our Products are being made according to International Standards. Each product is thoroughly checked on various parameters to ensure its perfect finish and design as per the clients requirement and product standards. Each things is strictly checked and QC passed before packaging. When the quality is as per International standards, Customer will be happy. And when Customer becomes happy, definetely Customer will be rentented forever.
Thus, Our Motto is —

“Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention “—

We export worldwide. We export agate stone to US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Germany, Australia, USA, Austria and many more countries.

Agate Stone Export Products

Products we offer
Agate artifacts,agate items,Amethyst Geodes,Angels,Arrowheads,Blades,Cabachones,Chakra products,Chakra wands,Esoteric,Feng shui,Gemstone Bowls,Gemstone Pendulums,geometry pendulums,geometry sets,Healing sticks,Himalayan Salt Lamps,Massage wands,Merkabas,metal pendulums,Metaphysical & New Age products,Natural points,obelisks,platonic solids,Pyramids,Reiki items,Rune Sets,Shiva lingams,Shiva/Agate eyes,Spearheads,Tibetan sticks,Towers,Tumble Stone,tumble stones,worry stones.

Stones we offer

Amazonite,Amber,Amethyst,Banded Jasper,Black Obsidian,Blood Stones,Camel Jasper,Carnelian,Charoite,Chrysophrase,Citrine,Clear Crystal Quartz,Garnet,Golden Quartz,Green Aventurine,Green Fluorite,Honey Calcite,Howlite,Indian Ruby,Kynite,Labradorite,Lapis Lazuli,Lepidolite,Milky Quartz,Moonstone,Moss agate,rainbow fluorite,Rainbow Moonstone,Red Jasper,Rodocrosite,Rodonite,Rose Quartz,Ruby Fuschite,Ruby Zoesite,Rutilated Quartz,Smokey Quartz,Snowflake Obsidian,Sodalite, Tourmaline,Vasonite etc


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  1. GARCIA says:

    Comment obtenir un catalogue en PDF avec les prix.
    Nous sommes grossistes revendeur sur le sud-ouest de la France

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