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As every known impact of Orgone are seen in the working of a Joe cell, it is sensible to expect that the peruser ought to have a decent living up to expectations learning of Orgone vitality. Furthermore, as the cell complies with all know Orgone laws and as the cell’s operation does not disaffirm even one Orgone impact, it is safe to expect that this is the vitality that is used in the cell. Out of appreciation for, and admiration to one of the world’s incredible, overlooked, and hated researchers, to be specific Wilhelm Reich, I will continue to utilize the name Orgone as utilized by Reich. A large number of different researchers, extraordinary and little, have given this strange power a name. In a taking after part I have recorded no less than 70 names by different people for the same or a comparable power.

Orgone vitality is the live inestimable vitality of Nature. To quote Reich… The Cosmic OR Energy fills the universe… and … it is a suddenly throbbing, without mass vitality…

For intrigued perusers, there is a tremendous accumulation of truths, feelings and supreme garbage on the web in regards to Reich and Orgone. As the point of this book is to concentrate on the Joe cell, the above definition will suffice.


A huge number of properties have been watched for the life power and I might want to rundown and clarify the primary ones identifying with the cell.

1.It is mass free i.e. Orgone vitality has no inactivity or weight, and so on., so traditional test gear that obliges response or something to “push” against to quantify a power will be inadequate.

2. It is introduce all over the place, yet all the more essentially to the Joe cell client, the fixation is variable from spot to place and every now and then [ we are enduring to discover if putting an orgone generator in nearness to a Joe cell will dispense with this variable ~Don].

3. It is in consistent movement. It has an uneven development from West to East at a rate significantly more noteworthy than the world’s revolution. The movement is a throbbing development and withdrawal and a stream typically along a bended way. Inside a collector, the vitality is transmitted as a turning, throbbing wave. Both of these can be seen to changing degrees in a charging vat and/or cell. These signs are vital to the experimenter as they are his devices in the distinctive phases of seeding and reproducing of the cell.

4. It discredits the laws of entropy [old paradigm= entropy, new paradigm=negentropy ~D]. Orgone vitality streams from the lower focuses to the higher fixations i.e. Orgone draws in fixations to itself. This is the ordinary procedure of creation and in that capacity is an evidence of Orgone being a living vitality. For the experimenter, this is vital, particularly in the seeding stage. On the off chance that the cell is situated in unfavorable area, it may not seed or take quite a while to seed [! ;-)]. I have had cells taking 4 weeks to seed, others take just a couple of days.

5. Matter is made from it. Under proper conditions, which are not uncommon or unordinary, I have had diverse minerals framed from indistinguishable cells. This for my situation is typically a white or green powder that structures as a fine colloid that in the long run sinks to the base of the phone. You doubtlessly don’t need this to happen in the Joe ce3ll as the cell won’t run the auto and the main arrangement is to totally disassemble, repolish and clean all segments. For the suspicious, you may expect that the stores are leaving the water. I firmly oppose this idea.

6. It can be controlled and controlled. We do this in the cell by framing interchange natural and non-natural “barrels” to shape an aggregator for the Orgone. Hence the natural layers pull in and douse up the Orgone and the metallic layers draw it from the natural material and transmit it into the inside of the gatherer. Moreover we utilize power, attraction and electrolysis to support with the reproducing methodology.

7. It originates from the sun in boundless amounts. As being what is indicated, taking into account warm slack, the Orgone thickness crests toward the evening and reduces in the early morning hours. As individuals have discovered, a flawed cell won’t work as it “kicks the bucket” around 3 to 4AM.

8. It is influenced by climate [orgone aggregators are not], i.e. stickiness, cloudcover, temperature and time of day influences the aggregation of Orgone. For the experimenter with a defective cell this clarifies the unusual conduct of flawed cells i.e. once in a while they work, different times not, however in the event that you remain on one foot, converse with it, attempt distinctive water, science, pretty much power and so forth., it will “come great.” This has made an entire religion of what you must do or not do, to such and degree that with the visually impaired driving the visually impaired, the cell in the hands of an easygoing constructor is destined to disappointment.

9A. It moves toward an attractive field. This is exceptionally huge to the cell manufacturer. This element controls the position and extremity of the phone’s inward wiring and also controlling the amount of lingering attraction the steel can have and still permit the phone to work. This is basic in the decision and cutting operations of the related metals. Once more, an entire mythology has grown around this territory. From perusing past material on the subject, it appears that the steel must be cut by vestal virgins operating at a profit Forest on a moonlit night! [I LOVE this man!]

9B. It moves at right point to an electrical field. Once more, exceptionally essential, as it directs extremity and wiring association with the phone.

10. It is consumed by water. This is one of the reasons that we utilize water as a part of the cell. To be effective, the water must be the right kind of water. Coincidentally, for instance, we could have utilized honey bees wax rather than water, however as we need to energize the rearing procedure with all the traps in the book, the honey bees wax would have kept the utilization of electrolysis.

11. It is spellbound. As Orgone is captivated, that is, we can have positive or negative Orgonic power, so we can fabricate a positive or negative cell. Yet, as you blend your constructive and adverse development materials as a great many people do, then your outcome is a flawed or non-operationsl cell. [+ and – here allude to course of orgone stream, not great and awful orgone]

12. It will infiltrate or go along every single known material. All assortments of consistent structure are just as great conductors e.g. it may go through 70 feet or a greater amount of strong metal. Thusly, don’t feel that you are catching it in the cell. The main reason it stays in the cell at all is on account of it needs to [thank you, JESUS!]. It is dependent upon the experimenter to set up a seeding and reproducing environment that is helpful for the Orgone and not attempt to make a nonexistent jail that the experimenter trusts will trap the Orgone [not for control oddities or devotees of the Uniform Commercial Code, maybe… ]. As a side note: humanity has made engineered materials as of late that can incredibly stop the infiltration of Orgone. I am discussing polymers [must I now surrender my relaxation suits?]

13. It has a moderate conduction rate. Orgone will take 20 seconds to cross 50 yards of wire. For the experimenter, this implies that you ought to hold up around 30 seconds in the wake of turning power on to the cell before you can hope to watch Orgone activity at a stable rate.

14. It shows a consistent upward propensity, rising vertically. Exceptionally essential in making a non-flawed cell establishment in an auto.

15. It can’t stay in steel or water longer than around 60 minutes. Basically said, if your phone is not reproducing, it will kick the bucket in about 60 minutes. This clarifies the utilization of a 1.5V battery crosswise over flawed cells to keep up a rearing procedure. What you accomplish with the little potential over the cell is a low rate of electrolysis that matches the spilling of the cell and in this way keeping up the rearing methodology.

16. It transmits an extraordinary separation. From a regular cell the radiation circuit is no less than 160 feet. Consider it!

17. It takes after optical laws. It can be refracted by a crystal, reflected by cleaned surfaces, and so on. This clarifies the explanation behind the reflected or exceedingly cleaned surfaces in a few sections of the cell. It likewise permits us to control some spilling by using optical laws [we find that orgone generators are significantly more viable when utilized with crystals].

18. It encompasses itself with exchanging round zones of inverse extremity. This is used by us to focus chamber measurements and noteworthy dividing in the streamlining of the cell [Joe Blow, the creator, made his cells without this thought and they were effective. The one exhibited in his feature was made in a glass sugar jar]

19. It is influenced by living creatures. Once more, imperative, as the experimenter and his mentality can communicate with the cell [I feel that even The Amazing Randy couldn’t make it stop if there was an orgone generator present].

20. It must be thought to the limited sum. In the event that a cell is charged to its most extreme degree so it can hold no more, the Orgone will change itself into power, and thusly or structure, discover a release. By the visual perception of the air pockets, throbs, and surface strain of the water, we use this further bolstering our good fortune.

21. Torsion (Orgone) fields transmit data withouttransmitting vitality, and they spread through physical media without associating with the media [compatible with gems along these lines, too]

22.Torsion (Orgone) fields can’t be protected by most materials, yet can be protected by materials having notable twist structures, as in #12 above.

23. Every physical article, in living or non-living nature, has its own trademark torsion (Orgone) field [we put uncommon earth magnets in the orgone creating material in our Terminators to push orgone into the body in a toroid field for restricted recuperating and agony relief]

24. Every single changeless magnet have their own torsion (Orgone) field.

25. Torsion (Orgone) fields can be produced as a consequence of a bending of the geometry of the physical vacuum. This is exhibited by pyramids, cones, barrels, level triangles, and so on.

26. Torsion (Orgone) fields can be screened by aluminum. This permits the utilization of aluminum covered mirrors, or exceptionally cleaned aluminum to mirror our Orgone (torsion) field. See point 17 above.

27. It will go through all materials, however at diverse velocities.


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