Black Agate Bracelets (String)

Product Name:-Black Agate Bracelets (String)


Weight:-10-20 gms Approximately

MOQ:-50 Pcs


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Black Agate Bracelets

Black Agate gives the heavy heart into ones spirit. Appeals good luck. Gains density and lucidity. Upgrades grace. Helps in defeating defects, frights, and solitude. Gets rid of curses, serves rid of tough luck. Delivers a assuasive force during times of strain. Devotes a good sense of durability and bravery. Boosts fertility. Muscular therapist. Particularly advantageous for bone marrow and allergies.

Black Agate personifies in use for security, courageousness, winner. It’s fagged out for bravery and success in rivalries.Black Agate with their blistering energy helps breeding System. Superior stone during Menopause, it is also useful for Breast Tumor.

Agate protects fresh lifespan and consequently it is superior stone during pregnancy and maternity.

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