Big Size Black Obsidian Angels

Product Name:-Big Size Black Obsidian Angels

Size:-3 to 5 Inch

Weight:-As per quantity

MOQ:-2 Kg


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Big Size Black Obsidian Angels

This Black Obsidian angel sculpture embodies attractively handmade from obsidian black and represents an essential feature for whatever quartz glass accumulation. Crystal Angel sculptures serve us to associate with our personal protector angel. It is believed that whole of us possess our personal protector angel that protects us in everything we execute. Aim your quartz glass Angel in an important region in your dwelling or business office for additional direction.

Altogether obsidians anchor and protect, origin religious vitality, and break up outrage, concern, trouble & vitality bars. Obsidian serves us to allow function of habituation & unhealthful behavior forms, and enables us to acquire unity by permitting us to consider & admit our darkness faces in their reliable nature.

All quartz glass angel experiences its personal unique align of vividnesses and forms and arrives in a diversity of a different gem types, you can personalise your crystal angel by giving birth stone establishing it an abstract endowment.

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