Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendants

Product Name:-Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendants

Size:-30 to 40mm

Weight:-7 gms

MOQ:-40 Pcs


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Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendants

These beautiful Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendants from India are ready in 2 alternatives: 1) Ring Only Pendant and 2) crowned with bond. Black Tourmaline equals a identical popular gemstone in supernatural rings and constitutes a wonderful gemstone for foundation and shelter helping in pioneering the Root Chakra.

Accessory Black Tourmaline is utilized for protective combined vitality area against damaging oscillations, and as well for absorbing electronegative vitalities away from a soul. It can bear a soothing impression when demanded, foundation flighty or spread vitalities into the land. Those who hurt from negativism, predominant distressing, and/or OCD can act with Black Tourmaline to serve cure these matters. Speculation with Black Tourmaline can raise the consolidation of brainstorms and sights into one’s regular living.

Black Tourmaline cleans, makes pure, and transmutes heavy vitality into a more lite oscillation. Utilise Black Tourmaline to serve with electromagnetic smogginess (that is. Mobile phone*) and gain physical energy. Physically, Black Tourmaline represents a cleansing and detoxicating gemstone, accommodating in purifying the physical structure.

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