Green Jade Orgone Smooth Massage Wands

Product Name:-Green Jade Orgone Smooth Massage Wands

Size:-4-5 inch Approximately

MOQ:-15 Pcs


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Green Jade Orgone Smooth Massage Wands

Massage Wands have been utilized since old times to build the force of spells. The pointed end of every wand coordinates the spell vitality. The wand is an effective expansion to have on your sacred place. Wands can be wrapped in silver or copper wire with different gemstones to customize it. Gemstone wands can be customized for distinctive employments.

Massage wands can be utilized on pressure point massage and reflexology focuses. They are utilized to divert vitality in Chakra adjusting and Aura purging.

Malachite is accepted to be a solid defender of kids. It is said to shield the wearer from mishaps and ensures explorers. Malachite has been utilized to help achievement in business and secure against undesirable business affiliations. It is a stone of equalization seeing someone.

Malachite is constantly green, more often than not in joined tones fluctuating from extremely dim green to a smooth green. Most malachite originates from Zaire, Chile and Australia.

Old Egyptians, Greeks and Romans utilized malachite for adornments and ground it to use as eye shadow. It is utilized as a part of talismans to ensure against the hostile stare. In the Middle Ages it was utilized to shield kids from witches and different perils.

Recuperating properties of Malachite:-

Malachite is a stone that ought not be utilized for physical mending. Malachite has been known as the “mirror of the spirit”. It is variable in its condition. It achieves the internal sentiments of the individual and reflects what is there, negative or positive. It is beautiful to the point that one might want to wear it in gems, yet alert must be utilized when wearing Malachite. It will dependably reflect how you feel, in the event that you feel negative don’t wear Malachite. It advises us that we have a double nature and it is dependent upon every individual to know and tenet his own individual. To help dispose of bad dreams, keep a bit of Malachite in your room.

Utilize with copper to build the force of malachite.

Facts about Orgone:-

Orgone energy was Wilhelm Reich’s term for the Force a ubiquitous, “life positive” vitality he claimed to have found in 1939. Reich regularly utilized ‘orgone vitality’ as a catch-all to clarify each characteristic marvel for which there was no customary clarification (or for which Reich did not know there existed an ordinary clarification), as a sort of a God of the holes. Those couple of properties of orgone vitality Reich did spell out as clear included:

  • Orgone is pulled in by natural substances
  • Orgone is pulled in, however then promptly re-transmitted, by metallic substances
  • Earth has an orgone vitality field that streams west-to-east quicker than the Earth turns, with the exception of when a tempest is approaching and the stream switches its course


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