Rainbow Moonstone Single Terminated Pencils

Product Name:-Rainbow Moonstone Single Terminated Pencils

Weight:- 10 gms

MOQ:-75 Pcs


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Rainbow Moonstone Single Terminated Pencils

Theoretical attributes & purposes:

  • Animals: See “surroundings”.
  • Children: Rainbow moonstone can serve children with learning troubles or speech troubles.
  • Environment: utilize rainbow moonstone for preservation of butterflies, dragonflies and moths. It will also help any war-worn fields of the world.
  • Finance & successfulness: Rainbow moonstone is a long-run bid gemstone.
  • Health & therapeutic: It is an easy therapist and is beneficial for anybody with a low resistance or ailing working unaffected organization.
  • Home: It will serve you correct and loosen if you work long and irregular hours.
  • Love: Rainbow moonstone is a long-term bid gemstone.
  • Protection: Rainbow moonstone is preservative for anyone living in a remote or rural area.
  • Mental: Rainbow moonstone is a long-run bid gemstone and is beneficial for visualisation work.
  • It Is the gemstone Of:-
  • Ritual: It should be utilized in any love or moon rituals.
  • Work: It is beneficial for those who work irregular hours and will also serve facilitate the effects of jet lag.
  • Another: Rainbow moonstone is connected with the thirteenth wedding anniversary.

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