Red Jasper Obelisks

Red Jasper Obelisks

SIze:-3 to 5 inch

Available in All Stones

Weight:-100 to 150 gms

MOQ:-2 kg



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Red Jasper Obelisks

Here are four beautiful rust-red Red Jasper obelsisk. There are beautiful veins of black which add character to each piece. You certainly will never find another exactly like yours. Like all jaspers, man’s crafting adds to the natural Earth beauty. Dimsions are for the middle right.
Therapeutic Properties of Red Jasper
Supreme nurturer it protects against negativism, serves you ground to the Earth energies while gently stimulating too. Works on the physical body and aligns the chakras to advance a sense of well-being. Enhances mental processes, endurance and balance. Promotes assertiveness and sensitivity and so can rectify unjust situations. Play with if worried as calms the emotions. May assisting liver and circulation.

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Weight 1.25 kg


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