Rose Quartz Balls

Product Name:-Rose Quartz Balls

Size:-40mm to 80mm

Weight:-150 to 500 gms

MOQ:-2 kg


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Rose Quartz Crystal Balls

Whenever you would like to wait and feel younger, keep this on your night stand or vanity. Anywhere you’ve a Rose Quartz Crystal Ball, beloved will cumulate just about it.

Promotes self love
Contributes empathy and sensibility
Heavy romanticism vitalities
Aimed adjacent to your bedside, can be an efficient help to relaxing rest
Rose Quartz is a therapeutic gemstone.
It energizes blood circulation in the tissues, strengthens heart and sexual organs, advances fertility rate and serves with sexual troubles.

Stress Release Points: aim little (20mm) rose quartz balls at the slimly brought up chances to the sides of the forehead. Tape these into home whenever demanded. Aim a foundation gemstone by the feet (agate, jasper) and an equilibrizing gemstone (lapis lazuli, amethyst) at the heart or solar plexus. Slacken and admit the prophylactic acquittance of day-to-day tensions.

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Weight 1.25 kg


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