Tiger Eye Balls

Product Name:-Tiger Eye Balls

Size:-40mm to 80mm

Weight:-150 to 500 gms

MOQ:-2 kg


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Tiger Eye Balls

Tiger eye comprises a diversity of crystal also recognised as Cat Eye, Falcon Eye or Hawk Eye. Tiger eye is an identical attractive gemstone with magnificent brightness and dark smooth luster and streaks that resemble those of a tiger. Quartz Cat Eye derives from Sri Lanka, India and Brazil. The most significant source of tiger eye is South Africa, where it is discovered with the less common “Hawk’s Eye”.

Tiger Eye is a fortunate and protective covering gemstone.
Tiger eye will let you check everything. Apply the cat’s eye for insight and you will be able to constitute an identical fortunate individual.

Tiger eye is an antifertility gemstone. Apply it to defend versus the badly wills of other people.

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Weight 1.25 kg


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